Complete Table of Contents: Banishing Math Anxiety

Chapter One: Making Math Work for You

Math Anxiety

Where does it come from?

How does math anxiety stop you from succeeding?

Managing Math Anxiety Means Taking Back Control

Active thinking

From Self-monitoring to Self-mastery

Giving yourself permission


Other Ways of Judging Math Competence

Summing Up

Chapter Two: Using Your Resources

Human Resources

Your instructor

Your classmates


Your Textbook

Active reading, or writing as you read


Styles of Reading Math

Reading DOWN

Reading UP

Online Textbook Resources

Using the online textbook

Using Your Textbook to Prepare for Exams

Developing Yourself as a Resource

Short Take 1: Marking up a Mathematics Text

Short Take 2: Some Study Problems and Suggestions

Chapter Three: Deciphering the Code

Understanding Notation

The Equals Sign and Its Relatives

The Difference Between "Solve" and "Simplify"

Piecewise Equations

Using the Code

Chapter Four: Algebra Empowered: Functions and Graphs Variables


Graphs: The Power of Graphing Equations

The Cartesian Plane

Graphing Functions

Using the Graph: YOU Have the Power!

Comparing Alternate Situations

The Art of Noticing

Conclusion: Look for the Power!

Short Take 3: Practicing Function Notation

Chapter Five: Tools of the Trade

Paper-and-Pencil Explorations

Constructing tables of values

Plotting the function

Another example

The Road to Graphing Calculators

"Calculator anxiety"

Beyond graphing calculators

Online Tools: Wikipedia, WolframAlpha, and Khan Academy

Online tools used by professionals

Khan academy

Mastering the Tools of the Trade

Short Take 4: Playing with Your Graphing Calculator

Chapter Six: Problem Solving Strategies

A Typical Problem: When Does Solar Power Pay for Itself?

The Tire Problem Revisited

Divided-Page Problem Solving

Problem Solving for Online Homework

Advantages and disadvantages of online problem solving

Practicing error analysis

Problem Solving on Tests

The Fine Art of Problem Solving

Short Take 5: Studying in a Group

Chapter Seven: From School Mathematics to the Workplace

Pre-Employment Testing

Test questions

Types of tests

Using Mathematics on the Job

Real-World Quantitative Explorations


Margins of error

Chapter Eight: Mathematics as Empowerment

Health Care Information

Managing Debt

Credit Scores

Computing the "Value" of an Education

Understanding the Income Tax System

Sports Statistics -- The Math Behind Moneyball

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