Banishing Math Anxiety book cover

Teaching community college algebra?

You've probably had quite a few students who don't want to be in your first-year algebra class. It's not because of you or the time when the class meets.

Instead, it's the subject. They're afraid of math.

And here's the reality:

Many of your college's degree programs have algebra prerequisites. If your students don't complete your class, they won't get into those programs. If they're going on to four-year institutions, they'll also need algebra.

So, how can you help these students? You can adopt the new book, Banishing Math Anxiety, as a textbook or review book.

Designed for students that may have given up on math, Banishing Math Anxiety provides a fresh start. It re-introduces concepts and skills that will help your students understand and succeed with first-year algebra. For many of them, this may be the first mathematical success they've ever had.

Banishing Math Anxiety is available in print and eBook formats that students can purchase direct from Kendall Hunt.

Here's how Banishing Math Anxiety will help your students:

It's usable as a textbook or review book students can work through on their own.

It encourages active learning by asking questions.

It reinforces the idea that math learning may begin in the classroom, but it doesn't end there. Banishing Math Anxiety presents real-world applications like pre-employment testing, math on the job, debt management, taxes, and more.

It introduces an appreciation of graphing calculators without presuming that your students have ever seen one.

It encourages creative exploration instead of some step-by-step approach that's supposed to work every time.

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