Banishing Math Anxiety book cover

College math doesn't have to be scary!

You may have struggled with high school math. And you've probably decided that you just aren't a math person. You're a people person. Or a word person.

Now you're in college. You love your major, but you have to take math in order to graduate. You're suffering from a major case of math anxiety.

It's time to banish that math anxiety, once and for all!

Banishing Math Anxiety is the college algebra book for people like you. It's more like a guidebook than a textbook. And the focus is on your success.

Banishing Math Anxiety will show you how to:

Become an active math learner. No more plugging, chugging, and solving for X! You'll be approaching math like a new language -- one that you can master.

Apply your math education to the real world. Where you'll be dealing with things like pre-employment testing, debt management, and taxes.

Use a graphing calculator, even if you've never seen one before.

Try creative exploration, instead of some step-by-step approach that's supposed to work every time.

Is Banishing Math Anxiety available in print?

Yes! And you can buy it now!  Or, you can find it at a library near you!

What's inside the book?

Get a tour of Banishing Math Anxiety in this Facebook video. Check out the table of contents, read a sample chapter (PDF file). You also can meet your authors.

What else will help for my Math Anxiety?

A set of online Calculators can often help you find the answers you need.